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Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog on Dec 21, 2011

We are dedicated to providing you the best trail race experience. To do that, we want to hear from you about what drives you to run, what you like and what you hate about racing, and a myriad of other things that may sometimes seem completely unrelated. So, to capture your preferences, we’re going to post a series of surveys. Each one should take no more than a few minutes and we’d appreciate your input. The more insight you give us into you, the better event we can put on for you. Thanks!

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  1. WDR says:

    PCTR used to put on class events. They have been self-destructing the last couple of years and word has spread. Many of us continued to do their events just for the sheer beauty & challenge of the courses. Although, it was difficult with the poor organization and extremely weak aid stations. Looking forward to a new outfit to offer us more of the old PCTR: affordable, beautiful, and well-organized.

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