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Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog, Uncategorized on Dec 7, 2011

Event tent or drag racing parachute? Oops.

Good God!  We’ve been buried for the last couple weeks and are thankful for the lull in the trail racing news this time of year.  Personally, I’ve been juggling 70+ hour weeks putting on and preparing for running events with PCTR.  We had a great time putting on the Woodside 50k (35k, 17, 10k) last weekend, recap at www.footfeathers.com.  I’m grateful for a couple weeks to get ready for our next event, Rodeo Beach 50k (30k, 20k, 8k).  Hopefully we’ll get the same beautiful weather the NF50 had in Marin County.

Be back shortly with some race previews and gear reviews!


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