Tahoe Rim Trail Speed Record Attempt – Gary Gellin

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Gary Gellin

Most of you know that on August 13th I’ll be making an attempt to break the speed record on the 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail. The current record is held by the Spanish runner Kilian Jornet with a time of 38 hours, 32 minutes. This is a time that many feel is close to unbreakable, but I have done extensive analysis, training, and logistical planning to ensure that I have a fighting chance.

This dream started two summers ago when I joined a work crew to build a new section of the trail. The concept was originally to establish a record for a combination of mountain biking and running. It has evolved in to a major project with five runners including myself attempting to break the lofty record together with the help of 40 others providing support along the way. We will have live updates on our progress to be broadcast on www.ultralive.net . We will also have reporting done by both Eric Schranz of www.ultrarunnerpodcast.com and Gretchen Brugman of Trail Runner Magazine. A special guest photographer will be on hand along with the assistance of a local helicopter pilot!

The Tahoe Rim Trail is truly one of the most well constructed and beautiful trails in the world. It joins the Pacific Crest Trail for some 50 miles and encircles the incomparable and natural Lake Tahoe. It is set in the mountains at an average elevation of 8000ft. Total climbing along the trail is roughly 28,000 ft.

As an environmental steward and frequent user of the Tahoe Rim Trail, I have decided to utilize the speed record project to bring attention and support to the Tahoe Rim Trail Association, or TRTA. This non-profit organization consists of a full-time staff and many hundreds of volunteers. The TRTA builds and maintains the trail and is instrumental in supporting recreational use of the trail for many groups including youth camps. More information about the TRTA is down below.

A link to support the TRTA in honor of our project is located on their web site here:
Please consider donating even a small amount to the TRTA, for example 5 cents for each of the 165 miles that we run. I would be MOST appreciative.
If you do donate, please enter “TRT SPEED RECORD” in the comments box, so that the TRTA can keep track.

Thanks, and we will see you in person or “virtually” on August 13!

Gary Gellin
Menlo Park, CA

The mission of the Tahoe Rim Trail is to maintain and enhance the Tahoe Rim Trail system, practice and inspire stewardship, and promote access to the beauty of the Lake Tahoe region. In 1980, Glenn Hampton, USFS Recreation Officer for the Lake Tahoe Basin, had the vision of a trail around the rim of Lake Tahoe. In 1981, the Tahoe Rim Trail Association was incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and the work began.

The Tahoe Rim Trail was built in partnership with the US Forest Service, Nevada State Parks, and more than 20,000 volunteers who gave over 300,000 hours to complete this 165-mile trail around one of the most spectacular lakes in the world! Each year we continue to improve the trail and perform critical maintenance such as removing over 100 downed trees, clearing brush and repairing erosion damage. We also provide guided hikes, youth backcountry camps and supported backpacking trips for 1000s of users each year. In 2011, we had 730 volunteers provide a record 19,230 hours of labor to support our mission!



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