Oakland Hills Trail Run

WHEN: Saturday – October 28, 2017
WHERE: Redwood Regional Park & King Canyon (EBMUD)
Chabot Space and Science Center
9725 Skyline Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94611
COST: 10K: $45 / Half: $55 / 35K: $65
CONTACT: Inside Trail Racing
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Add $10 if registering on or after October 7, 2017. Add $15 at check-in, if not sold out.
Pre-registration through 5:00 PM on October 26, or until sold out.

Race Info

Oakland Hills Trail RunA hidden redwood forest lies in the hills just a few miles over the ridge from downtown Oakland. The forest’s peaceful groves give little evidence of the park’s bustling past – in the mid-1800s the area was the scene of extensive logging to supply building materials for the San Francisco Bay Area. The logging era has long since passed, and a stately forest of 150-foot coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) has replaced those cut down.

In addition to a great forest of coast redwoods, the park’s 1,830 acres also contain other evergreens, chaparral, and grasslands. Wildlife within the park includes rare species such as the golden eagle and Alameda striped racer. Deer, raccoons, rabbits, and squirrels are often seen.

Parking is $5 at Redwood Regional Park.

Park information: Redwood Regional Park, EBMUD Trails

Location: Redwood Regional Park – Oakland, CA

Date: Saturday, October 28, 2017

Events: 10K, Half Marathon, 35K

Check-In & Bib Pickup:

      Race Morning
Saturday, Oct. 28
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
Chabot Space and Science Center
9725 Skyline Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94611

Start Times: 10K 9:00 AM
Half Marathon 8:30 AM
35K 8:30 AM

Time Limit: There is a 6.5 hour time limit for the 35K race.

Parking: Parking is $5.00 and available at the Chabot Space and Science Center. Carpooling is always strongly encouraged.

Race Capacity: The Oakland Hills Trail Run will have a capacity of 300 runners, across all distances.

ITR Refund Policy:
Entry fees to our trail runs are non-refundable. With advanced notice, we are happy to transfer part of your entry fee (75% up to two weeks of the event, 50% from 2 weeks up to 56 hours of the event) to a future ITR event. Only registered runners can participate, and you cannot exchange your entry with another runner.

Awards & Shirts


Overall winners of each race distance will receive a medal, a custom glass Stein and an item from the Inside Trail Racing schwag bag.

All ultra-marathon distance finishers will receive a custom printed Pint Glass with the race logo.

All other finishers will receive a custom medal with the race logo.

The Dead Last Finisher (DLF) in each even will receive a custom award.

Age-group medals (3 deep) will be awarded in the following categories, for both males and females:
     ● 12 and under
     ● 13 – 19
     ● 20 – 29
     ● 30 – 39
     ● 40 – 49
     ● 50 – 59
     ● 60 – 69
     ● 70 and over



All registered runners will receive an A4 Cooling Performance Crew technical fabric shirt. This tee is made with top-of-the-line sportswear technology to heighten performance during your toughest workouts. With sun defense, moisture-wicking technology, quick stain release, and comfortable fit, the cooling performance crew serves the needs of every athlete. It’s the perfect year-round choice for outdoor sports and exercise. Get the most out of your workout with this tough, hardworking tee.

Fabric: 4-Ounce polyester interlock features moisture wicking technology, odor resistance and stain release qualities designed to deliver maximum performance characteristics.

     ● 100% Polyester Interlock, 4.0 ounces per square yard
     ● Moisture wicking, Odor resistant, Stain release
     ● Ultra tight knit resists snagging
     ● UPF 30

To be guaranteed your shirt size, you must register by October 14, 2017.

Course Info

Course Map

All courses are subject to change if the weather or park service demands it.

Turn by Turn Directions

Aid Station Information

Elevation Profiles

Click on above image for larger profiles.

Aid Stations

Inside Trail Racing aid stations are replete with an optimal variety of glycogen-replenishing, electrolyte-replacing products. The following is a list of some of the foods and beverages each aid station may provide: Gu Energy gels and chews, all-natural nutrition bars from Larabar, trail mix, pretzels, potato chips, Oreo cookies, Pop Tarts, boiled potatoes with salt, Coke, Mountain Dew, Ginger Ale, water, Tailwind Endurance Fuel, PB&J sandwiches, M&M’s, Mike & Ike’s, salt tablets, and tangerines. Aid stations are also equipped with general first aid items but no anti-inflammatory medicine. As distances between aid station vary, we strongly encourage all runners to carry at least one 20oz bottle during their run.

Tailwind is mixed so that it contains 180 – 200 calories per 20 fluid ounces.



Chabot Space & Science Center Start

Distance Name Age Year Time
10K – Male Nick Ritchie 35 2016 57:46
10K – Female Laura Vogel 27 2016 1:02:18
Half Marathon – Male Drew Holmen 24 2016 1:39:55
Half Marathon – Female Emily Kraus 31 2016 1:55:21
35K – Male Erik Sorenson 30 2016 2:57:07
35K – Female Magda Boulet 43 2016 3:12:55


Canyon Meadow Start

Distance Name Age Year Time
10K – Male Jonathan Gunderson 38 2015 53:21
10K – Female Alexis Chettiar 37 2015 1:03:59
Half Marathon – Male Andrew Mock 33 2015 1:31:28
Half Marathon – Female Amy Leedham 31 2015 1:49:39
35K – Male Tommy Evans 31 2015 2:47:20
35K – Female Devon Yanko 33 2015 3:02:12