Making an (Almost) Champion

Posted by relhats in Blog, Commentary on Mar 17, 2016

Children are often asked what they want to be when they grow up. Similarly, they are told with emphatic confidence that they can be anything they imagine, and they can be the best. While it is important to encourage every youngster to dream and pursue goals, it is also false that every one of us will become legendary figures of greatness. Many pundits will have you think uniform […]

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Too Much of a Good Thing

Posted by relhats in Blog, Uncategorized on Feb 4, 2015 berkeley

Exercise is good for you, but there can be severe consequences in demanding too much from a body designed for moderation. As more insight and research is conducted in the field of exercise physiology, old ideas are discarded and the public gets to feast over new controversies in data while the verdict is still out. These days the internet is rife with articles describing the relationship between exercise […]

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Sleep! It’s Good for You!

Posted by relhats in Blog, Commentary, Uncategorized on Oct 3, 2014 homer

The internet is bustling with articles and news flashes about the grand importance of sleep, and how without it we experience shrinking hippocampi (which leads to impaired memory), weakened immune system, depression, irritability, digestive issues, along with other deleterious consequences. In a world that is so connected, so buzzing with information, this need for sleep is becoming more desperate yet much more impossible to accomplish. Access to entertainment […]

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Bishop High Sierra 100K Race Report

Posted by relhats in Blog, Race Report on Jun 5, 2014

Bishop High Sierra 100k Race Report By Luke Garten The Bishop High Sierra race was very close to being a race of the past. The original race director was retiring from taking the heavy work load so the race was open for someone new to take on the responsibilities. I tried to not get too excited about it until it was for sure going to happen a few months before […]

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How Thoughts Influence Performance

Posted by relhats in Blog on May 13, 2014

How Thoughts Influence Performance: An Overview by Tanya Davis Unlike most other animals, humans have a high level of consciousness which imparts both positive and negative consequences on our performances in just about everything. Our brain, though genetically and structurally similar to other animals, can actually plan parties, hold grudges, categorize ourselves and others, dwell on current and past shortcomings, and even create or prevent success by the […]

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