How Thoughts Influence Performance

Posted by relhats in Blog on May 13, 2014

How Thoughts Influence Performance: An Overview by Tanya Davis Unlike most other animals, humans have a high level of consciousness which imparts both positive and negative consequences on our performances in just about everything. Our brain, though genetically and structurally similar to other animals, can actually plan parties, hold grudges, categorize ourselves and others, dwell […]

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Gear Review – La Sportiva Helios

Posted by relhats in Blog, Gear on Apr 29, 2014 LS1

La Sportiva Helios by Luke Garten To start this review I would just like to say that I was not given these shoes in order to write a positive shoe review. This is my honest opinion of this shoe.  I have been wanting to write this review since September 2013 after my first couple of […]

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The Digestion Dilemma

Posted by relhats in Blog on Dec 18, 2013

When nailing down nutrition and balancing athletic training programs, it is best to view our bodies in the most basic physical form: a colossal colony of cells, genes, and foreign strands of DNA. Genetic activity — turning genes on and off; locking them in with changes in environment — is part of our adaptability and […]

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All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Posted by relhats in Blog on Sep 5, 2013

Part I “You are what you eat”: a familiar maxim that has been frequently broadcast in popular health publications. The truth to this declaration is that our cells are directly affected by the quality of the foods we consume. A doughnut laden with Trans fats and fructose will introduce aluminum into the cells and cause […]

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Woodside Ramble 50K – Trail Jealousy

Posted by relhats in Blog, Commentary, Race Report on May 9, 2013 Woodside Ramble

Woodside Ramble 50K – Trail Jealousy Luke Garten I had the pleasure of running the Woodside Ramble 50k on a beautiful spring day last weekend. It was yet another great race put on by Inside Trail Racing. This is the second time I have been able to come to these great trails to race. The […]

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