The Digestion Dilemma

Posted by relhats in Blog on Dec 18, 2013

When nailing down nutrition and balancing athletic training programs, it is best to view our bodies in the most basic physical form: a colossal colony of cells, genes, and foreign strands of DNA. Genetic activity — turning genes on and off; locking them in with changes in environment — is part of our adaptability and dietary flexibility. How our genes are read and expressed is conditional upon what […]

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All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Posted by relhats in Blog on Sep 5, 2013

Part I “You are what you eat”: a familiar maxim that has been frequently broadcast in popular health publications. The truth to this declaration is that our cells are directly affected by the quality of the foods we consume. A doughnut laden with Trans fats and fructose will introduce aluminum into the cells and cause oxidative stress, decrease IQ, and put you at a higher risk for Alzheimers […]

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Woodside Ramble 50K – Trail Jealousy

Posted by relhats in Blog, Commentary, Race Report on May 9, 2013 Woodside Ramble

Woodside Ramble 50K – Trail Jealousy Luke Garten I had the pleasure of running the Woodside Ramble 50k on a beautiful spring day last weekend. It was yet another great race put on by Inside Trail Racing. This is the second time I have been able to come to these great trails to race. The first time was in January of 2012 where I ran the Crystal Springs […]

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Sprint Without Sloshing and Trot Without the Trots

Posted by relhats in Blog, Commentary, Uncategorized on Mar 22, 2013

There are many discomforts a runner can experience during training and racing. Usually it involves the gastrointestinal system, and sometimes, it can be quite embarrassing. Most of us have encountered some form of GI distress during a run and have taken steps to remedy the cause so we don’t have another discomfiting moment. The cause and remedy are often evident, nevertheless, there are conditions we experience so often […]

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Stretching and Injury Prevention

Posted by relhats in Blog, Commentary, Uncategorized on Mar 20, 2013

After hours of sleep or sitting at a desk, the most common action upon standing is to stretch. The muscles are relaxed and have experienced decreased blood flow as there is less demand for strong circulation while immobile. Stretching helps to stimulate circulation and bring newly oxygenated blood to the tissues. The heart rate increases and we take a deep inhalation filling up our lungs, moving in just […]

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