Stretching and Injury Prevention

Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog, Commentary, Uncategorized on Mar 20, 2013

After hours of sleep or sitting at a desk, the most common action upon standing is to stretch. The muscles are relaxed and have experienced decreased blood flow as there is less demand for strong circulation while immobile. Stretching helps to stimulate circulation and bring newly oxygenated blood to the tissues. The heart rate increases […]

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Product Review: Tailwind Nutrition

Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog, Commentary, Gear on Mar 10, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with founders of Tailwind Nutrition, Jeff and Jenny Vierling. The company is a grassroots venture that is morally invested in their product and committed to serving the athletic community an optimal nutrition solution. I was excited to plow right to the core of why Tailwind is a superior […]

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The Skinny on Being Skinny

Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog, Uncategorized on Mar 1, 2013

I’ll admit it: I like to restrict calories. Well, I don’t “like” to restrict calories, I do it because I’m neurotic and obsessive and a perfectionist, and I want to be an ideal weight in fanciful hope of delivering a speedy, flawless performance. Too many calories would mean I’d put on weight which would hamper […]

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Performance Nutrition

Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog, Commentary on Feb 27, 2013

Getting race-day nutrition balanced is a science, and because we don’t all have our own personal physicians, chemists and nutritionists locked away in our medicine cabinets, it takes quite a bit of trial and error to find the optimal arrangement. The following are some general guidelines both men and women can adhere to as a […]

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Getting chicked

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Mother Earth, Venus, Triple Goddess, protector, siren: women are temptresses and nurturers. It is not a duplicity but a congruency that is imperative to our spirits and our ability to provide, strengthen, and guide. Women should have the dignity to uphold this duality and claim their status as the fierce Empress–she does not submit to […]

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