Quick poll on Facebook

Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog on Dec 23, 2011

Please click “Read this post” to activate the links… We have posted a new poll on our Inside Trail Facebook page, and would love to get your feedback. Click here to visit our page and provide your answer. Thanks!

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Welcome… and Thanks

Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog on Dec 22, 2011

Welcome to the all new Inside Trail Racing site. We are extremely excited to finally be opening up the website for you to see a small portion of what we have planned for the coming year and beyond. In addition, we’re working on a number of innovative and exciting events that will be announced soon. […]

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A quick survey

Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog on Dec 21, 2011

We are dedicated to providing you the best trail race experience. To do that, we want to hear from you about what drives you to run, what you like and what you hate about racing, and a myriad of other things that may sometimes seem completely unrelated. So, to capture your preferences, we’re going to […]

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One more day…

Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog, Race Preview on Dec 21, 2011

Sorry for the delay in getting the site and calendar launched. Something out of our control has us in a bit of a holding pattern until tomorrow. We can’t go into detail, but it could mean some interesting changes for Inside Trail and the trail running community. The site and calendar are ready to go […]

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We will return to your regularly scheduled program…

Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog, Uncategorized on Dec 7, 2011

Good God!  We’ve been buried for the last couple weeks and are thankful for the lull in the trail racing news this time of year.  Personally, I’ve been juggling 70+ hour weeks putting on and preparing for running events with PCTR.  We had a great time putting on the Woodside 50k (35k, 17, 10k) last […]

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