Bear 100 Preview: The Utilitarian Playground

Posted by relhats in Race Preview, Race Profiles on Sep 20, 2011

If one yearns for the grassroots, rustic 100 miler of yore, then look no further than the Bear 100.  The bare nature of Bear is by design.  Race Director, Leland Barker, is old school and likes his race that way too.  Leadville, especially under new management, seems to cradle the runners, providing everything, short of carry them to […]

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Run Rabbit Run 50 Mile Race Preview

Posted by relhats in Race Preview, Race Profiles on Sep 14, 2011

This Saturday’s Run Rabbit Run 50 miler, first run in 2007, is a quiet little gem of a race nestled in northern Colorado’s Steamboat Springs.  Though seemingly under the radar of spotlight races, it’s a Montrail Ultra Cup Series event, sells out quickly, and has enjoyed having some of the hottest ultrarunners around show up to […]

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Wasatch 100 Preview and Predictions

Posted by relhats in Race Preview, Race Profiles on Sep 7, 2011

In the true spirit of American ultrarunning, when you do something tough, you look for something tougher. Inspired by the Western States 100, five entrants ran the first Wasatch 100 in 1980.  Two of them finished after 35 hours.  The next year saw a 40% increase in participation with seven people starting the race.  No […]

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Ryan Sandes Embraces The Thin Air

Posted by relhats in Interview, Race Preview, Salomon on Aug 17, 2011

Here at Inside Trail we’re getting excited for the upcoming weekend of racing.  We’ve been learning more about South African Ryan Sandes and like what we’re seeing.  He’s been getting in high altitude training, beginning with his pacing duties for Julien Chorier at the Hardrock 100 and continuing with a month of training in and […]

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Leadville Trail 100 Run – The Inside Trail Chat

Posted by relhats in Race Preview, Race Profiles on Aug 16, 2011

There is a lot of blogging going on regarding the Leadville Trail 100 Run, so, instead of just rehashing much of it, we here at Inside Trail thought we’d roll out some back and forth commentary that is typical of the hours we spend in our respective “offices” researching and discussing with one another every […]

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