The Inconvenient Interest: 5 Tips For Super Busy Runners

Posted by admin in Blog, Commentary, Uncategorized on Dec 8, 2016 runmarmom

I was in my early twenties when I had my first child. While my friends were graduating from college and hosting quaint costume-themed parties, I was learning how to coordinate making dinner while breastfeeding and keep a household running on about 3 hours of nightly sleep. Though I’ve never regretted becoming a mother nor has […]

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When Eating Becomes Unsavory

Posted by admin in Blog, Commentary, Uncategorized on Dec 2, 2016 Time to eat

As the year comes to a close and the holidays are thrust upon us with glittering urgency, like many Americans during this time, I feel anxious, exhausted, and even a little unrestrained. The pressure of tradition and social obligations, along with the general hum of unrelenting responsibility make what is supposed to be a joyous […]

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Too Much of a Good Thing

Posted by admin in Blog, Uncategorized on Feb 4, 2015 berkeley

Exercise is good for you, but there can be severe consequences in demanding too much from a body designed for moderation. As more insight and research is conducted in the field of exercise physiology, old ideas are discarded and the public gets to feast over new controversies in data while the verdict is still out. […]

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Sleep! It’s Good for You!

Posted by admin in Blog, Commentary, Uncategorized on Oct 3, 2014 homer

The internet is bustling with articles and news flashes about the grand importance of sleep, and how without it we experience shrinking hippocampi (which leads to impaired memory), weakened immune system, depression, irritability, digestive issues, along with other deleterious consequences. In a world that is so connected, so buzzing with information, this need for sleep […]

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Sprint Without Sloshing and Trot Without the Trots

Posted by admin in Blog, Commentary, Uncategorized on Mar 22, 2013

There are many discomforts a runner can experience during training and racing. Usually it involves the gastrointestinal system, and sometimes, it can be quite embarrassing. Most of us have encountered some form of GI distress during a run and have taken steps to remedy the cause so we don’t have another discomfiting moment. The cause […]

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