Inside Trail Racing Series

The 2014 Inside Trail Race Series, presented by La Sportiva, does not require any additional fees or entries.

All participants in each Inside Trail Racing event are automatically entered into the series. There are two categories, Ultra and Speedster. The Ultra category will consist of any race that is longer than 26.2 miles (50K, 50 Mile, 100K). The Speedster category consists of the shorter distance runners, typically anything from 5K to 35K. There will be awards for the top three, male and female, runners in each category. Consistency and performance are rewarded, so durable and frequent participants have a good shot at taking home the gold.

Award winners are required to earn points in at least 3 events in the race series. Tie scores will go to the runner who scored the points in the fewest events and then best average placings, when possible. Note that your age group will be determined based on your age at the time you participate in your last Inside Trail Racing event in the calendar year.

The final standings for the Ultra and Speedster Race Series can be seen below. Series standings have been finalized for all of our 2014 events. Please keep in mind that in order to qualify for the series at the end of the year, you must participate in at least 3 events. Congratulations to all who took part in the series, and we look forward to even more fun in 2015!

Final Ultra Standings Final Speedster Standings

The series scoring system will be based on points calculated, given place,  race distance and runner’s performance.  Our scoring equation was developed by world renowned theoretical physicist, Sheldon Cooper, with assistance from astrophysicist, Rajesh Koothrappali.  These highly trained scientists have proven that this system ensures the most accurate method of comparing race performance across varying distances.

Each runner in every race will start with a base score of the distance run (in miles) multiplied by two.   This number will then be multiplied by the result of the race winner’s time (in seconds) divided by runner’s time (in seconds).

Score = ((Distance in Miles) x 2) x ((Winner’s Time in Seconds) / (Runner’s Time in Seconds))

The prizes will be donated by our sponsors. There will be Overall Men’s and Women’s awards and prizes three deep, in addition to age division awards and prizes three deep. Overall winners are not eligible for age division awards.

Grand Prize: 5 Free ITR Entries, Glass Trophy, La Sportiva Shoes, Other Prizes TBA
Runner Up: 3 Free ITR Entries, Glass Trophy, Other Prizes TBA
Second Runner Up: 1 Free ITR Entry, Glass Trophy, Other Prizes TBA

*** Prizes, races, & race dates are subject to change ***
*** Management reserves the right to disqualify runners who violate rules and/or waivers at any race ***