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Posted by Inside Trail Racing in Blog, Race Report on Feb 11, 2013

Photo courtesy of Jesse Jay Jimenez, 2013

Chris began 2013 with a near 2-week running respite, primarily to recover after a New Year’s Eve 24-hour run–pamper and provide some muscular rehabilitation after having had a heavy racing season in 2012 which included winning the ITR racing series. With renewed enthusiasm, he decided to ease back into the long runs by sweeping ITR’s serene Fort Ord Trail Run, a 10k-25k-50k event set in a former U.S. Army post in Monterey, CA. Chris pertinaciously put in just over 24 miles at what he considers a slow pace, which was most likely a quick clip. Within a couple of days following Fort Ord, he was revitalized and ready to go again. By Wednesday, Chris was contemplating a race and resolved to take a look at what races were happening over the weekend. An online search delivered a 38 miler in Folsom. It was the Folsom South Side Trail Run, a not too hilly course that was a fairly low-key event and new to Chris. The course is similar to ITR’s Folsom Run with a 3.5 mile out and back tacked on to round out a full 38 miles.

To Chris’s surprise, and the astonishment of other runners, the one and only Gordy Ainsleigh showed up to run. Gordy is a well-known California-based chiropractor and pioneer of the 100-mile trail ultramarathon and the first to run the Western States Endurance Run. Strolling through the parking lot eating a can of soup (literally out of the can with the lid hanging off) and holding 3 bananas (real old school), Gordy counted down the start for the 21-miler, 50K, and 38 miler. Chris departed with JR Mintz, an ITR regular, who was running the 21-mile race and the two chatted for a couple miles before eventually separating, after which Chris ran solo until about 10 minutes after the 38 mile turnaround. The course was sublime single track with majestic views of Lake Folsom. Unfortunately, Chris had a tight hamstring from the start, perhaps from the cold temperatures of the morning, and attempted several different remedies on the second half. With the confident knowledge of having a 15-20 minute lead, he had a bit of time flexibility to determine what would alleviate the pain including easing up and fueling more than usual, but nothing was adequate in relaxing the tense muscle until a much deserved post-race beer. Chris crossed the finish line first with a time of 5:48 (unofficial) and felt accomplished and blithe. He has now set his hopes on running ITR’s Chabot 50K on February 23, 2013. This is another runner to keep your eye on this season as his fitness builds and his pace picks up. Congratulations, Chris Eide!!

Winner of the 50K, Jesse Jay Jimenez and 38-mile winner, Chris Eide

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