Cupless Trail Running Events

In an effort to reduce waste and littering, all of Inside Trail Racing’s events will be transitioning to cupless. This means there will not be paper cups available for runners at any point out on the course.

What is cupless racing?

A cupless race means that there will be no paper water cups between the start and the finish line like you would typically see at organized races.

Will there be fluids on the course?

There will be water and Skratch Labs Hydration Mix available in the start and finish area. On the course, there will be aid stations where you can have your water bottle and/or cup filled. Aid stations will offer water and Skratch Labs Hydration Mix. For events with an associated ultra-marathon (> 26.2 miles) we also offer a selection of soda; typically consisting of Coke, and Ginger Ale.

How do I get fluids on the course?

Participants will be responsible for carrying their own container with them during the event. Handheld containers can include a hand-held running bottle, hydration pack/vest, or any type of non-glass water bottle of your choosing. There are reusable, collapsible 10-ounce silicone cups available for purchase from a number of manufacturers. We recommend the Hydrapak SpeedCup.

We will have the Hydrapak SpeedCup available for sale at each event for $5. You can view more information about the Speedcup below.

Can I give you a cup to store for me at an aid station?

No. You must carry your own cup or bottle during the race. For some of our larger ultra-marathon races we offer drop bag services at certain aid station. You may, of course, store your cup(s) and spare bottles in your dropbag.

Hold up, you really don’t have cups out on the course?

That is correct.


Yes. Really.

HydraPak SpeedCup

A collapsible, reusable cup designed to minimize waste on the trail and replace single-use cups at race events.

  • Lightweight - Made of ultra-light abrasion resistant TPU for superior durability.
  • Finger Loop - Provides support when drinking and pouring, use to attach for quick access.
  • Free Standing - Stands like a cup when empty or full.
  • Compressible - Soft material is flexible and ultralight so you can stuff it anywhere.
  • Safe and Easy to Clean - 100% BPA and PVC free; Top rack dishwasher safe.

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