Inside Trail Racing Team

Meet the 2017 Inside Trail Racing Team and Ambassadors. Team ITR is a group of endurance runners who are passionate about trail running and making a difference within our unique community. The Inside Trail Racing Team is comprised of seasoned endurance runners from all over Northern California. You’ll see ITR team shirts at the front of many big-name events around the country. These runners are also active in the trail-/ultra-running community, as they regularly volunteer at races, coach, crew and inspire others. All of the runners associated with ITR run because of a deep, appreciative love of the outdoors and because of the connection, stability, and person meaning it bestows.

This page is dedicated to our athlete’s biographies and their results, race reports, pictures and other related information.

If ever you see us out on the trails, please give us a shout!


Michael Jimenez

Nickname: Mikey
Age: 42
Occupation: Pebble Beach Caddie
Hobbies outside of running: Reading, hanging with my kids and wife. Drinking yummy craft beers? :)#
How you got into running and at what age: Started running with my Dad when he was in the military, I was 7yrs old
Favorite race(s): Toro Loco 30k, Ordnance 100k, Badwater 135, Kodiak 100, Black Hills 100, each for their own reasons
Favorite running place(s): Toro Park, Big Sur, Kings Canyon National Park, Pinnacles NP
Most memorable race experience: Running the big climbs in Badwater, hitting a wall from the deep effort, recovering to push hard to place 7th and beating my goal by going sub 30hrs with a 28:51 finish…There are so many others that stand out too like my first 100 mile win at Kodiak where I had to find the grit to hike the last 20 plus miles after blowing out my quads but still finished an hour and a half ahead of second. Crushing the Black Hills 100 with a well paced race in 100 degree heat and smoking the finish to be the only person to go sub 24 hours there in 2016 was very satisfying, I showed myself that with experience I could still improve as others fell off pace due to the heat, I was able to excel.
2017 race schedule: Ordnance 100k, Mt Baldy 100, Kodiak 100, Toro Loco 30k, 50/50 on Badwater 135, maybe a 110 mile race near Vancouver, B.C. called Longest Day, has 30k ft of vert along the Sunshine Coast Trail, website still being built but sounds exciting to me!
Bucket-list race: Hardrock
What motivates you: Love
Summary of self in one word: Steadfast
Least favorite thing about running: Injuries, I want to always be able to run
Lesson/s learned from trail-running you wouldn’t have otherwise unearthed: That the Spirit is stronger than the body!
Favorite pre-/during/post-race products: Beet juice/Tailwind/IPAs :)
How many hours you train per week: 8 – 20hrs

Chris Wehan

Nickname: I have no idea, I hear “fucking Wehan” a lot. I guess the closest thing to a nickname I do have is Wehanomics.
Age: 35
Occupation: I work in the bicycle industry. I have worked in product development for 6 years and planning for a few months.
Hobbies outside of running: Bicycle riding, fishing, hiking; those kind of things. I drive a lot too!
How you got into running and at what age: My parents and Uncles were really into running when I was growing up and that basically got me in. Although the story my parents would tell, would be that my soccer coach told me I needed to do cross country because I was slow and could not cover the field. I was probably 10 at the time, so that is pretty harsh to tell a kid, but I’d like to think I showed him!
Favorite race: Western States! Even though I have not gotten to race it yet, I love that race. I love the atmosphere and community around it; to me it really does represent a lot of the good things about ultra running.
Favorite running place: Mammoth Lakes, CA. To be fair, it is also my favorite place in general.
Most memorable race experience: My most memorable race experience was finishing Ironman Kona. Their are a lot of amazing finish lines in sports, but I think anyone would be hard pressed to say the finish line at Kona is anything but amazing. The most memorable race I have been at was when my wife finished Western States. She dug so deep and pushed her self so hard; it was just amazing to be apart of. I think i even shed a tear when she finished, but don’t tell her that.
2017 race schedule: Sean O’brien 100K (Feb 3rd), San Diego 100 miler, hopefully a lot more, but nothing is defined yet.
Bucket-list race: Western States
What motivates you: I hate sitting still.
Summary of self in one word: Exploitative; Is that even a word? I like it anyways.
Least favorite thing about running: All the other cool things I could be doing: cross country sking, fishing, riding, etc.
Lesson/s learned from trail-running you wouldn’t have otherwise unearthed: This is a really hard one and I do not think I have a great answer for this. If I had to write something, I guess I would say, how bad things can get and how much further you can still push yourself.
Favorite pre-/during/post-race products: Pre- Coffee!!!! During – I like my Patagonia or NorthFace Better than Naked clothing, Honey Stinger gels, and Body Glide! Post – Beer and any food I can shovel in my face!
How many hours you train per week: I just looked back at Strava for the year and WOW does it vary. It appears I will drop to as little as 4hrs a week and as high a 20hrs a week, this does include cycling too.

Sidney Crockett

Nickname: Skip/Skipper
Age: 35
Occupation: Regional Intelligence Director, Department of Homeland Security
Hobbies outside of running: Golf/Wine
How you got into running and at what age: I was 28 and had just moved to San Francisco after finishing 5.5 years as an Officer in the Navy. A buddy of mine was visiting with his family and he had just read “Ultramarathon Man” by Dean Karnazes. After regaling over Dean’s escapades he told me he wanted to run Western States and he wanted me to do it with him. I laughed. Having grown up in Squaw Valley I was aware of WS but didn’t know anyone crazy enough to run it let alone comprehend if I could do it. Not to mention at the time I was a meat head who had never run more than a few miles. After a couple bottles of wine he convinced me to run a marathon to which I agreed. The next morning I signed up for the Muir Woods Trail Marathon. I went out and got fitted for an ill fitting pair of running shoes and went on my first run. My buddy told me if I can run 13 miles I could run a marathon so I attempted a 14 mile run, hit a wall around mile 11, and limped home. Two weeks later I showed up at the Muir Woods Trail Marathon completely clueless in basketball shorts, a white bandana, my ill fitting full motion control road shoes, and two gels in my pocket. The experience was utterly miserable but I’ll never forget the emotions I felt when I crossed the finish line. 4 hours of misery, one moment of accomplishment, and I was hooked.
Favorite race: Western States
Favorite running place: Marin Headlands but Lake Tahoe is a close second.
Most memorable race experience: American River 50 in 2010. I’d been jogging for a year and had decided to give the paleo diet a whirl a few months before the race. Still being a clueless runner I thought I needed to carbo load the night before and morning of my first 50 miler, paying no mind to the fact that I hadn’t consumed any wheat or dairy for two months. I had pancakes, bagels and even a milk shake. My number one pre race priority has always been to go to the bathroom (runners know what I mean) before the start of a race. That morning it was not a problem. The problem was I didn’t stop for the rest of the day. I made a pit stop at every bathroom along the American River Parkway and a few stops in between. Having made over a dozen stops during the first half of the race I told my crew I was done at Beals Point. Like any good crew they convinced me to keep moving and just over nine hours after I started I finished and shuffled straight to the bathroom.
2017 race schedule: Chabot – Redtail Ridge 30k, Marin Ultra Challenge 50k, Canyons 100k, Western States 100
Bucket-list race: Boston Marathon… still haven’t run a road marathon
What motivates you: Competition and the sense of accomplishment you feel after a tough race or workout… and the excuse to eat whatever I want and drink soda.
Summary of self in one word: Unassuming
Least favorite thing about running: Early morning race starts
Lesson/s learned from trail-running you wouldn’t have otherwise unearthed: My mental and physical limits and how good a Coca-Cola can taste
Favorite pre-/during/post-race products: Pre: gluten free waffles with almond butter and maple syrup / During: salty rice balls / Post: gluten free beer
How many hours you train per week: Not nearly enough

Jeffrey Quinn

Age: 28
Occupation: Postdoctoral Fellow at UCSF
Hobbies outside of running: Swimming, biking, reading, painting, cooking, camping, and science.
How you got into running and at what age:
Favorite race: The Marin Ultra Challenge: the views and terrain are beautiful, the course never repeats, and the field is stacked with competitive runners. Plus, it was my first ultra, and it got me hooked on the sport; 2017 will be my fourth time running it!
Favorite running place: Armstrong Redwoods Reserve just north of Guerneville, CA is magical.
Most memorable race experience: Once, at mile 44 of a race, I had a 15-minute staring contest with a mama bear and her two cubs who were standing on the trail and – rudely! – would not let me pass.
2017 race schedule: 1/14 Pacifica Foothills 30K
2/4 Ordnance 100K
2/18 Chabot 50K
3/11 Marin Ultra Challenge 50M
4/1 American River 50M
4/15 Lake Sonoma 50M
4/29 Canyons 100K
6/3 Rodeo Valley 50K
6/9 San Francisco Summer Solstice 24hr
7/1 Reservoir Dogs 35K
7/23 San Francisco Marathon
8/5 Santa Cruz 30K
9/23 Berkeley Trail Adventure 50K
10/7 Skyline-to-the-Sea 50K
11/4 Rio del Lago 100M
12/16 Woodside Ramble
Bucket-list race: One of these years I will finally run Western States… and until then, I will keep praying to the Lottery Gods.
What motivates you: Knowing that there are peanut butter and jelly sandwich squares at the next aid station.
Least favorite thing about running: …Chafing.
Lesson/s learned from trail-running you wouldn’t have otherwise unearthed:
Favorite pre-/during/post-race products: Vaseline on everything.
How many hours you train per week: 6–10hrs/wk of running, with some biking and swimming mixed in for fun.

Craig Schmidt

Nickname: I dont think I have one
Occupation: Health & Wellness Advisor
Hobbies outside of running: Surfing, Snowboarding, Lifting, Hiking with the Dogs, Traveling, Family Time
How you got into running and at what age: I was 14, I got cut from the JV Soccer team and had no where else to go; Plus my sister was top in the county for running so everyone thought I would be good too.
Favorite race: I love the Chicago Marathon! In the bay area my favorite place to race is Woodside out in Redwood City!
Favorite running place: I can run for miles around Briones and Redwood Regional but I love anything with a good mountain climb and a peak
Most memorable race experience: Transvulcania and seeing Mt. Tenerife over the cloud ceiling, “The Island in the Sky”
2017 race schedule: uhhh….. Inside Trail?
Bucket-list race: Return to Transvulcania and redem my finish; I would love to run in Patagonia or the Himalayan’s
What motivates you: I am pretty competitive but mainly with myself. I have high expectations for me but I love the journey, experiences, relationships and the life lessons.
Summary of self in one word: Driven?
Least favorite thing about running: Being Injured
Lesson/s learned from trail-running you wouldn’t have otherwise unearthed: Patience, still learning this one but you cant just go do it all at once with out preparation. So maybe patience and preparation. You can’t win without preparing but you need to have patience in knowing its a process. “Failure to prepare is preparing to FAIL” (thanks coach for that one)
Favorite pre-/during/post-race products:
• Prerace: A banana & some peanut butter
• During: Anything not to sweet! Nuun, Honey Stinger, H2O
• Post: Sleep? I can’t consume anything after a hard effort…
How many hours you train per week: At peak Training I am around 12 – 15 hours

Asher Kyger Henry

Nickname: Asher
Age: 31
Occupation: Physical Therapist
Hobbies outside of running: Traveling and playing with puppies.
How you got into running and at what age: Fell in love with racing in high school, fell in love with running in college.
Favorite race: Too new to the trail world to be sure.
Favorite running place: Rancho San Antonio Open Space
Most memorable race experience: Any race I run with my speedy husband, Dallas!
2017 race schedule: TBD.
Bucket-list race: Anything (that isn’t an ultra) in Patagonia!
What motivates you: The views, the challenge, and my inspiring friends and family.
Summary of self in one word: Hmm… that’s hard. My husband says, “monkey” and assures me it’s a adjective.
Least favorite thing about running: Scary, dark mornings that require pepper spray to feel safe.
Lesson/s learned from trail-running you wouldn’t have otherwise unearthed: Races don’t have to feel as if you are fighting a slow death.
Favorite pre-/during/post-race products: Coffee and toast/organic fruit strips/watermelon – emphasis on the watermelon.
How many hours you train per week: Whatever coach prescribes!

Dallas Henry

Nickname: Dallas
Age: 32
Occupation: Google Express Market Manager
Hobbies outside of running: Fishing, and playing Army
How you got into running and at what age: I started running in middle school and never looked back
Favorite race: Favorite race is the Vermont 100, epic scenery and amazing crowd (disclaimer, I did not run it, I only paced for a portion of it)
Favorite running place: Rancho San Antonio Open Space
Most memorable race experience: Too many good ones to call out just one. I enjoy anytime I push past a self-imposed limit, it can be for a big PR or just finishing a tough race with guts!!
2017 race schedule: I am figuring it out as I go. My big plan if for the US Trail 30k Championships, with plenty of Inside Trail races to get me prepped.
Bucket-list race: There has to be a race in Antarctica that is up my alley.
What motivates you: It is cliché I know, but I love the opportunity to exceed expectations and see how far I can push myself.
Summary of self in one word: Contrarian
Least favorite thing about running: Waiting in line to pee before a race.
Lesson/s learned from trail-running you wouldn’t have otherwise unearthed: Every moment of every race does not have to be an all consuming gut wrenching feeling
Favorite pre-/during/post-race products: Coffee and Toast before, Tequila and lemonade afterward
How many hours you train per week: 11-13 hours of running

Roger Montes

Age: 37
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Hobbies outside of running: Cycling, hiking, or any time spent with my wife.
How you got into running and at what age: I got into running fairly late in life. Since moving to the west coast in 2015, I took an interest in trail running, as a way to give cycling a break, and loved it! One of the first trail races I did was the 2015 ITR Woodside Ramble 30K, where I placed 2nd to Lance Armstrong. After this race, I was approached by David Roche, who offered to coach me and help me to realize my running goals. The idea seemed wild at first, but after several months of structured training I began to notice certain running abilities I never knew existed. The work has been hard and at times frustrating, but trail running has motivated me to never settle for mediocrity, even when the odds may seem stacked against you.
Favorite race: ITR’s Mt. Tam Trail Run
Favorite running place: Windy Hill Preserve in the Town of Portola Valley, CA
Most memorable race experience: Chasing Lance Armstrong at the 2015 ITR’s Woodside Ramble. It didn’t occur to me at the time that he was actually wearing a yellow shirt.
2017 race schedule: (Tentative)
1. March 11: (ITR) Marin Ultra Challenge 25K
2. April 8: (ITR) Woodside/Purisima Creek Crossover, 35K
3. May 13: Quicksilver 50K
4. June 4: Big Basin Marathon
5. July 22: (ITR) La Sportiva Table Rock 30K
6. August 26: Tamalpa Headlands 50K
7. November 11: (ITR) Mt. Tam Trail Run 30K
8. December 16: (ITR) Woodside Ramble 50K
Bucket-list race: Western States 100
What motivates you: I want to look back one day and know that I lived a life with no regrets.
Summary of self in one word: Driven.
Least favorite thing about running: It can be challenging to have conversations when running with others.
Lesson/s learned from trail-running you wouldn’t have otherwise unearthed: Trail running has allowed me to appreciate nature in a different way. Through it, my wife and I have discovered new parks and new paths, that we otherwise would not have noticed through our other, day-to-day activities.
Favorite pre-/during/post-race products: I normally like to have a Gu (orange flavor) 45 minutes prior to the start of the race, then another 1 minute before the whistle. During the race I like to have a Gu every 45 minutes, with Nuun tables in my bottles.
How many hours you train per week: 10 to 15 hrs depending on the time of the year.