Volunteering is a fun, novel way to experience races, play in the outdoors, and spend time with friendly people and the greater trail running community.

Without the support of enthusiastic and caring volunteers producing our races would not be possible. Volunteers of all ages and abilities help with setup, check-in, aid stations, course marshaling, timing, and post-race food.

All volunteers receive a free race T-shirt, free food, and the ability to earn credit toward a future Inside Trail Racing event, commensurate to the amount of time worked. Credits are earned in 4 hour increments. Credits will be valid for one year following the date you volunteered.

4 – 5 hours = 1 Credit; 1 Credit is equal up to a Half Marathon in free racing

8 – 10 hours = 2 Credits; 2 Credits is equal up to a 50k in free racing

15 hours (cumulative over multiple volunteer events) = 3 Credits can be used on events 50M +

Anyone 15 years of age+ can sign up to volunteer. Children ages 12-14 must be accompanied by an adult and those under 12 years of age may accompany an adult but do not count as volunteer support.

Once you complete the online form, we will send you a confirmation email informing you that we have received the submission. The week before the race (usually the Monday or Tuesday prior to race day), we will email you the volunteer document with your volunteer assignment, meeting time/location, directions, and other details.

Please note that we depend on each and every person who signs up to volunteer! Losing just one volunteer has a deep impact on the race and other volunteers’ assignments, so please do not submit a form to help us out if you unsure if you will be able to make it.

Thank you for your support!


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